Housing Etiquette

Most dancers who've been around the block know the ins and outs of event housing, but for anyone who's new to housing/being housed we've put together some broad guidelines of what to expect.

What does "housing" mean?

Housing means that a local dancer can offer you a) some spare floor space and b) access to a bathroom.  (Some hosts may be able to provide a couch or a real bed/futon, but not all. Always be prepared to bring a sleeping bag or air mattress if necessary.)

What housing does not mean:

Housing does not mean that your host will provide food or transportation. (Some may, because they are extra awesome, but never assume that your host will be your personal cook and taxi service.)

Guidelines for guests:

--When you are a guest in someone's home, please show the utmost respect for your host, their home, their privacy and their personal boundaries.

-- Contact your host as soon as you receive your housing assignment.  Arrange when you will meet them and ask what items you may need to bring.

-- Be prepared. Bring everything you will need for your stay. (for example: air mattress, bedding,     towels, food, toiletries).

-- Be courteous. Don't hog the bathroom. Clean up after yourself. Be quiet when returning late at night.

-- Follow all house rules established by your host.

--Never bring uninvited guests to your host's home. Do not ask your host to house anyone who has not been directly assigned to them. (This is HUGE no-no and it will get you black-listed from housing at future RVA Swing events.)

Guidelines for hosts:

-- When you are housing guests, you do not need to be a fancy bed & breakfast, but please provide a clean and safe environment for all of your guests.

--Contact your guest(s) as soon as you receive your guest assignment(s).  Arrange a meeting time/place. Inform them of what the sleeping arrangements are, and what they will need to bring.

--Be clear.  If you have house rules (ie: no smoking, don't let the cat out), lay those out ahead of time.