This info is from our 2022 event. Look for updates about next year's event in spring of 2023.

2022 Format

For 2022, we're re-imagining our event as an exchange: less stressful & more focused on social dancing & personal connections.

A weekend pass includes admission to all of the dances & late nights, on-site Saturday social activities (games, practice sessions, and more) and the Sunday cookout.

If you want to book a private lesson, you can do so by contacting the instructor of your choice. You will pay them directly for private lessons.

2022 Pricing

We're doing away with Price Tiers and Flash Sales and all that stressful reloading of your browser on registration opening day.  Instead, we'll be offering consistent Sliding Scale Pricing for Weekend Passes.

Sliding Scale Pricing is a set of variable rates for the same thing. This price structure allows everyone to access the fun of a dance weekend in a way that is right for their personal financial situation, while still enabling the event to pay its bills.  Those with less resources can choose the lower prices and those with surplus resources can choose to pay at a higher rate. Choosing a higher rate helps to sustain the event and subsidize the discounted admissions (spoiler: regional swing dance events generally operate at a loss or, when very lucky, they break even).

You'll be able to choose your own price for a Weekend Pass, no matter when you register.

Sliding Scale Price         Cost           Suggested for:

Discount Price                 $55             folks who struggle to meet their needs or who have very little expendable income

Standard Price                 $75             folks who meet their own needs & have some expendable income

Supporter Price                $85            folks with a comfortable amount of expendable income

Sustainer Price                 $95            folks with a surplus of expendable income

Patron Price                     $105           folks with a large surplus of expendable income

Additionally, we will have plenty of volunteer opportunities for those who wish to offset the cost of their pass. You can indicate interest in volunteering when you register.

Single Day Passes

To simplify our COVID safety protocols, no tickets of any kind will be sold at the door.  

All passes must be purchased in advance & cannot be transferred to another person.  

We will not sell tickets for individual dances, but we will make Day Passes available starting on Oct 1st. Day Passes are good for all activities on a single day and still need to be purchased in advance. 
Day passes are a set price.

Friday Day Pass                 $25

Includes the Friday main dance & Friday late night

Saturday Day Pass             $40

Includes Saturday daytime activities & afternoon dance, Saturday main dance, Saturday late night

There are no Day Passes available for Sunday, due to limitations with our Sunday venue.

Refund Policy

Refunds (minus an administrative fee) are available through October 1st.