Main Dance & Late Night Venue: The Dance Space
Friday & Saturday dances & late nights

For this 2024's Snack Size event, we're takin' it back to the OG version of I Heart Bal and using The Dance Space for our main venue.  This 2nd floor dance studio has 1600 square feet of smooth bamboo floor, tons of free parking and is close to lots of food options including late & all-night places.

The stairway to the studio is located on the front of the building, to the right of Mekong restaurant. (We regret that this building does not have an elevator.) 

Parking info: Free parking in the lot out front and the larger one in back, plus free street parking on North Crestwood Ave.  Word to the wise: do not park in the Latin Market or 24-hour vet hospital parking lots!

Parking Map for The Dance Space

Afternoon Dance Venue: Maiden Motion
Saturday & Sunday afternoon dances

We're super excited to host both of our afternoon dances in this amazingly cute studio close to VCU. Walkable to lots of fun food options and located adjacent to probably one of the prettiest areas of town: the Fan District.  (Do yourself a favor and take a little walk into the historic district before the dance.)   
This is Erica's current barre studio and it is just so Barbie-tastic in the best way. Maiden Motion has two rooms: one for chillaxing and one for dancing. 

This studio is entirely too swank for trashcats like ourselves. Please do not bring food or non-water beverages into this venue (don't worry, we'll have lots of delightfully messy snacks at the evening & late night dances).   

Parking Info: Free street parking.  

Word to the wise: In this area of town, any off-street parking you see is definitely reserved for a business or the university. Don't even try!

Maiden Motion has exactly 3 specific spaces in the parking lot behind the building: spaces 30, 31, & 32.  Do not park in any other space in the rear parking lot. Don't๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ do ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพit๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

The good news: Street parking in the immediate area around Maiden Motion is free and plentiful. BONUS: as long as you stay on the streets south of Main St and west of Harvie St, there are generally no time limits, either! Need to venture farther to find parking? My advice is to head west, away from the VCU campus.  (Parking on the campus itself is paid parking)

Here is a general map of streets that are good to park on for the afternoon dances. 
Green = free, no restrictions or time limits. Streets in yellow have time limits. Red = NO.  Please note that I didn't get super granular with bus stops/driveways/disabled parking/etc along the streets: Please always read signs carefully, especially around the church. (no parking in front of the church during church activities & no parking in front of their gated lot at any time)

Private Lesson Venue: RVA Swing

(This venue only applies to you if you have booked a private lesson.)

The home for Lindy Hop & Balboa in RVA: our cozy studio is tucked inside the Lakeside Towne Center and has a fast, smooth floor that we built ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Parking info: Free parking in the large parking lot surrounding the Towne Center & Lakeside Farmer's Market. Weekends can be busy here, but there is overflow parking at the adjoining CVS/RVA Antiques lot.

Studio hallway door faces Lakeside Ave and is located between Killa Dillas and JuJubees Antiques.

Important!  Some GPS systems think the RVA Swing studio is 2 blocks down the road, so make sure to use the provided Google maps link above.  Budget some extra time before your private lesson just in case, and look for the large shopping center building with the farmers market pavillion. 

Parking map for RVA Swing

The lot does fill up on Saturdays and Sundays thanks to the brewery.  If parking is tight, it is usually fine to use the CVS lot or to venture into the neighborhood (just don't block driveways!).

Please note: our main venue is accessed by climbing stairs and is located in a building without an elevator.   Our afternoon dance venue and private lesson venue are both on the ground floor.