Pass Transfer Policy

Due to the large financial outlay involved in this event, we are unable to issue any refunds for purchased event passes. (Once you give us money, 100% of it goes to pay for the instructors, band and venue and every single paid registration is necessary in order to pay for the event, whether you show up or not.)  For the same reason, we are not able to offer deferrals to the next year's event either.
However, we are not total meanies, and you may sell your pass to someone else, provided that you follow all of these rules:

Workshop Passes

-- Pass must be transferred so that it maintains lead/follow balance. (for example: if you are a lead, you must find another lead to take your pass. )

-- Person taking over your role in your level must be qualified for that level. (for example: a Level B lead cannot sell their pass to a lead who should be in Level A). Please refer to the level descriptions.

--Housing assignments do NOT transfer with your pass.  We typically have a large wait-list for our limited local housing and, should you sell your pass and give up your housing spot, we will fill that housing spot with someone from the wait-list.

-- You must take care of all financial details of the pass sale.

-- Did you sell or give away your pass? Please notify us of pass transfers immediately by emailing us at with the name and email address of the person who will now be using your pass so that we can update the participant roster accordingly.  This info is 100% necessary and needs to come from the pass seller.

--Please do not use Facebook Messenger for pass transfer notifications or questions, as that is a great way to get your information lost to the sands of time.

-- Pass transfer notifications need to be sent to no later than Thursday, August 29, 2019 . Absolutely no exceptions.

--Not strictly required, but super helpful: check with us by emailing before you post about selling your pass as we will be maintaining a wait-list for any sold-out roles & levels and may be able to directly connect you to someone who meets all the criteria for taking over your pass.

--Due the large financial outlay involved in this event, we are unable to offer pass carryovers or deferrals to the next year.

Dance Passes

- Dance-only passes abide by all the same rules as above except for role/level (unless you also have a Sunday Add-On).