2022 Event Staff

 I ♥ Bal 2022 is brought to you via the love & hard work of our IHB Team! 

Erica Vess (she/her)

Event Coordinator


Ryan Lemar (he/him)

Co-Conspirator, Instructor Hospitality, Snack-Master

Tiffany McQuilkin (she/her)

Volunteer Coordinator


Lily Shaw (she/her)

MC, Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces hotline: call/text (804) 461-3321

Dee Mathews (they/them)

Late Night Host

Kay Morgan (they/them)

Late Night Host, Safe Spaces, Games Czar

Andy Nishida (he/him)

Cookout Host

Rita Shiang (she/her)

Cookout Host, Safe Spaces

April Johnson (she/her)

Safe Spaces

Qui Nguyen (she/her)

Safe Spaces

Amber Davis

Support Staff

Kevin Finity (he/him)

Support Staff

Bryan Fagan (he/him)

Support Staff

Elizabeth Fagan (she/her)

Support Staff

Stephanie Salisbury (she/her)

Support Staff