COVID 19 Safety

This info is from our 2022 event. Look for updates about next year's event in spring of 2023.

While no event can be 100% COVID-safe, it's our goal to minimize COVID19 risk for all staff & attendees, and to minimize transmission to our larger community.  

Conditions with COVID are (sigh) unpredictable at best, so we may need to adapt these policies based on the current conditions as the event draws nearer.

Here's what we're planning as of right now:

All staff & attendees must provide proof of up-to-date vaccination in order to register for the event.

Right now, we define "up to date" as the primary series (2 shots Pfizer/Moderna or 1 J&J) + at least one booster if you are 6 months or more out from your primary series.

Update 9/8/22: New bivalent boosters are HERE!  While we won't be requiring the new booster for this year's event, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to go get one.

To verify your vax status & get access to the registration form, send us a photo of your card to 

We will immediately delete your photo after adding you to our pre-checked list and will never share your private info with a 3rd party.

Medical exemptions: there are certain rare situations where it is not medically possible to receive a vaccination.  If this is you, email us at  Any medical exemptions will be decided on a case by case basis and must provide an official doctor's note to be considered. We strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor before registering and get their advice as to whether an event such as ours is a good idea for your individual situation.

Be prepared to wear a mask at this event.

Right now,actual COVID transmission levels are still high enough for us to require masks at our local events in order to reduce the risk of transmission.   We are planning to require masks at I ♥ Bal.

We strongly prefer N95, KN94 or KN95 masks, but surgical masks are also acceptable. (No cloth masks, y'all). 

Based on continued high case levels (and the outcome at other recent large dance events who used rapid tests instead of masks), we are no longer actively considering a "test or mask" policy at this time.

If we make any changes to our masking policy, they'll be based an actual conditions and what we think is safe & wise.  In the event of any changes, we'll update this page as well as thoroughly explain our protocols in the Facebook event and in all emails to attendees.

Be aware that, regardless of our attendee mask policy, some members of the band will need to be unmasked to perform (reed players, vocalist, etc).

Do 👏🏽 not 👏🏽 attend 👏🏽 if 👏🏽 you 👏🏽 feel 👏🏽 unwell 👏🏽

Do not attend the event if you have had a positive COVID test within the preceding 10 days, unless you have re-tested and received a negative result.

We recommend that all attendees do a self test before the event and also a few days afterward. 

We recommend that you do not visit vulnerable people (the elderly, the unvaccinated, the immunocompromised) right after attending a large event such as this one.

The landscape of COVID is constantly evolving, and so we may need to add or augment these safety measures to adapt to those changes. We will announce any changes via email to all attendees, as well as on this website and our Facebook page.

Current Transmission Map from the CDC 

(Data from Sept 29th - Oct 5th)

We use the CDC's Transmission Levels map, which shows how much COVID is circulating out there, rather than their newer, rosier Community Levels map, which focuses primarily on hospital admissions.