Coming in from out of town? Need a place to stay? Here are a variety of options!

Important! We have a very friendly and welcoming Balboa community here in Richmond, but there just aren't a lot of us. If you need housing: please, we beg you, register early and make sure everyone you are traveling with is registered nice and early, too.

Our housing director will email a housing form in mid July to attendees who requested housing on their registration form. Only one person in your travel party needs to fill out the form, but everyone in your travel party must already be registered for the event to request housing.

Locals: we always need hosts like whoah. Please volunteer to house out of town dancers when you register. Don't make us guilt-trip you. ;)

(Last Updated 6/23/18)

Richmond has tons of hotels. Simply oodles and oodles of them. We've chosen to list just a few here based on price and/or approximate driving time from the venue.  Hotels in the nearby downtown area can get pricey, so make sure to investigate some of the options a bit farther afield if you're hunting for a deal! (Bear in mind that, since we live here, we've never actually stayed at any of these properties and are not offering personal endorsements of them. If we have any insight on a given hotel, we have made a note of it, but we encourage you to do your own research as well. Prices listed reflect the prices at the time of our search.)

Richmond Downtown Marriott (less than 10 minutes from main venue) starting at $127/night
This is our top pick for convenience to the venue with a less eye-popping price tag than most downtown hotels.

Hampton Inn Richmond South (about 10 minutes from main venue) starting at $139/night
Not a particularly scenic location along the sometimes noisy interstate, but quite close and appears reasonably well-reviewed on Expedia. Breakfast included.

Fairfield Inn Richmond Northwest (about 20 to 25 minutes from main venue) starting at $119/night
Well reviewed. Newer hotel in good area. Breakfast included.

Hilton Garden Inn Innsbrook (about 20 to 25 minutes from main venue) from $129/night
Nice area with lots of dining options.

Springhill Suites Richmond VA Center Commons (25 minutes from main venue) from $109/night
Nice area with lots of food and shopping options. This brand generally offers a 2 double bed room that also has a sofa or sofa bed, so this could be a good choice for larger travel groups. Breakfast included.

(Last Updated 7/1/18)

Airbnb is a great alternative to a hotel! You can search for a couch, a private room in a house, or even an entire house to share with your dance friends. Prices vary widely depending on the area and amenities, but it's really worth a look. Prices listed reflect the price for the Friday through Monday of the event at the time of our search

Some Airbnb properties within walking distance of Dogtown Dance Theater:

Industrial Studio Apartment from $91 a night
Looks like a 20 minute walk or less than 5 minute drive.

Private room in house from $54 a night
Looks to be only 2 or 3 blocks from the venue.

Hammock in a loft from $59 a night
Looks like a 20 minute walk or less than 5 minutes driving.

Private room in house from $56 a night
Looks like a 15 or 20 minute walk but be aware you would need to cross a busy road. Less than 5 minutes by car.

Some other inexpensive AirBnb properties reasonably located for those driving or taking a Lyft:

Modern 1 Bedroom Apartment in Downtown from $94 a night
Looks like a 10 minute or less drive to the venue

Artist's Efficiency Apartment Downtown from $78 a night
Looks like a 10 minute or less drive to the venue

Downtown Richmond Nook from $93 a night
Looks like a 10 minute drive to venue

Private room in cozy loft from $54 a night
10 minute drive.

Entire Apartment in Heart of Fan from $85 a night
10 to 15 minute drive. Located near Dinamo, one the best restaurants in town. :)

And there are tons more! Happy hunting!


HI Richmond Hostel (5 to 10 minutes from venue) starting at $31/night
Yes, Richmond finally has a legit hostel. We're like a real city and stuff! HI USA membership required (but a yearly membership can be purchased for just $28 and is good all over the country).


We have a very friendly and welcoming dance community, but based on past experience local housing will be limited.  (If you can afford to split a hotel room/airbnb/hostel with other dancers, we strongly encourage you to do so, as that will help out those who most need free housing.)

Bear in mind that most hosts prefer to take 1 to 3 guests, and very few can accommodate more than 4 people, so large groups traveling together can be difficult to house all in one location.  Consider splitting your carpool into manageable sizes for optimum housability.  Also, those with pet allergies are strongly encouraged to get a hotel room, as almost all of last year's hosts had cats and/or dogs.

Housing will be assigned on a first registered/first requested basis: meaning if you know you need housing, register early and fill out the housing survey promptly once it is sent to you by our housing coordinator.  ALL members of a party must be registered in order to request housing.

Housing surveys will go out in July and housing assignments will be sent out around mid/late August. Remember, a request for housing is never a guarantee of housing, so it's always a good idea to have a back up plan in place!

Under no circumstances should you ever ask your host to house anyone not assigned to them. This is a huge no-no!

Make sure to refresh the do's and don'ts of housing on our Housing Etiquette page!