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Balboa is Meow, Right Meow!

Ready to register for I *Heart* Balboa 2019? That's (p)awesome!

Before you head to the registration form, please make sure you have already read the Level Descriptions so that you are prepared to select the correct workshop level.

Technical Doodads

-- For our registration form to function at its best,  please insure that your browser has javascript enabled

--If you encounter an error or difficulty with PayPal, pretty please do not submit another registration form (this wreaks havoc on the inventory and could potentially increase the price tiers too early for other registrants). Don't worry, we totally have your info once you hit "submit" on the form, regardless of any PayPal shenanigans afterwards.

We are here to help! Please contact us at to resolve any PayPal payment issues or simply use the "return to this booking" url in your automatically-generated confirmation email to try your payment again later. (You have 48 hours to complete your PayPal payment.)

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