Ready to register for I *Heart* Balboa 2022? 
That's (p)awesome!😻

Before you head to the registration form, please make sure you have already verified your up-to-date vax status with us.  

The registration form is password-protected, so you'll need to email a pic of your card (showing a booster dose) to in order to get the magic word. 🌈✨

Technical Doodads

-- For the best user experience, we recommend using a computer or larger tablet to register.  Unless you just really love pinching and zooming, then you do you. 

-- For our registration form to function at its best,  please insure that your browser has javascript enabled

-- A small percentage of iPhone Safari browser users experienced an issue getting the form to accept the password, even though the password was correct.  This is a deep mystery to us. If this happens to you, try the following solutions:

  • make sure you have opened Safari and gone directly to our website, rather than clicking a link in Facebook/Messenger and using their weird browser, which has....problems
  • try using an incognito browser window as this seemed to fix the problem for most users 

Still having a problem? Shoot us an email at and we'll beat up Tim Cook together. 

-- If you encounter an error or difficulty with PayPal, pretty please do not submit another registration form (this wreaks havoc on the inventory and registration number sequence). Don't worry, we totally have your info once you hit "submit" on the form, even if PayPal craps out on you afterwards.  We'll be in touch via email to resolve any missing payments.

We are here to help! Please contact us at to resolve any PayPal payment issues or simply use the "return to this booking" url in your automatically-generated confirmation email to try your payment again later. (You have 48 hours to complete your PayPal payment.)

-- Paying with Venmo?  Send payments to @Erica-Vess (use 3132 if prompted to verify). Please make sure to mark your payment as I Heart Balboa 2022, in addition to any wonderful little animated stickers you'd like to leave us. (You have 48 hours to complete Venmo payments)